Mental Health Support for the Masses

19% of the U.S. population has a clinical mental condition.1
51% of all conditions are undiagnosed and untreated.2
We can help.

Providing Your Constituent Population with Mental Health Support is Easy with Total Brain

Total Brain leverages digital neuroscience to help platforms, providers and users:

Self-Monitor and Self-Care

Self-monitor brain capacities and mental condition risks of individual users and self-care for the short and medium-term


Create user and population analytics to provide insights and trends overall and on specific brain health signatures

Configurable Integrations

Integrate configurable modules to enable most use cases that support specific user, provider or platform goals.

Total Brain drives robust population analytics for organizations, ongoing monitoring for providers and mental health support for users.

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Users Self-Monitor

Users self-monitor their brain capacities and risks.

Users Receive Help

Users are directed to science-backed self-care tools and to professional care when needed.

Data Provides Answers

Data is aggregated, mental health outcomes and risks are monitored, benchmarked and addressed at the individual level.

Organizational Benefits

Here’s how organizations are benefiting from Total Brain’s mental health and brain performance self-monitoring and self-care platform, which is used by millions of users from organizations such as AARP and IBM to improve their constituents overall mental health.

For Patients and Employees:

  • Self-awareness and stigma-free education
  • Access to timely professional care
  • 24/7 access to self-care
  • Improved brain capacity and mental health

For Employers:

  • Accelerated awareness, diagnosis & treatment
  • 24/7 fight-flight detection and breaking
  • Improved capacity / productivity building
  • Brain-based workforce analytics

For Clinics / Partners:

  • Clinically validated assessments and self-care tools for users
  • Longitudinal trending of risk screening and brain capacities
  • Support for clinical diagnostics and plan of care development
  • Population health analytics

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  1. 19% of adults have a mental condition (Source: Mental Health America
  2. 51% of adults are currently at risk of a condition (Source: Calculated as follows: 70% [have or at risk – from Book of Business data March-August 2020] – 19% [have – from Mental Health America)] = 51% at risk)