Mental Health:
A Crisis at Work


of U.S. workers’ brain capacity is impaired at various degrees1–4

The Problems with Mental Healthcare

Focused on symptom elimination, not health or capacity building

50% of all patients do not consult5, the other half are often seen late6

Treatments are short and discontinuous, leading to frequent relapses

Total Brain leverages digital neuroscience to help policy makers, managers and employees manage the mental health crisis.

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Self-monitor their brain capacities and risks

Access professional care when needed

Access personalized, science-backed self-care tools 24/7

Partner Benefits

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Deliver clinically validated assessment and self care tools to your users

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Acquire user and population data to power health insights and platform capabilities

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Generate new revenue streams and additional complementary services

Integration Options


Utilize Total Brain content and assets to enrich a user experience plus provide full Total Brain value to users

  • Co-branded experience
  • Assessment, self-care, content modules for integration
  • SSO or co-registration
  • Utilize as valuable service promoted to users or membership and drive incremental revenue

White Label

Assessment, self-care and content integrated as a core feature to complement existing experience

  • Fully white labeled
  • Pick and choose components that fit
  • Unified or modular experience
  • Full data access and reporting integration
  • Utilize as a core platform feature or upsell module within partner portfolio


Assessment, self-care and content integrated as an engagement and conversion enabler throughout experience

  • Functional and content widget integration
  • Fully flexible to align with page content
  • SSO or co-registration to support target KPIs
  • Full data and reporting integration
  • Utilize as a platform feature to engage users, drive key KPIs and drive incremental revenue

Care Management

Assessment, self-care and content integrated as a core capability throughout experience

  • Branded or fully white label integration
  • Complete care manager portfolio of success tools
  • Support measurement-based care and complement clinical plan of care
  • Full data access and reporting at patient, care manager & clinic level
  • Utilize as a standalone or fully integrated service to drive quality of care and incremental revenue

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  1. 19% of adults have a mental condition (Source: Mental Health America
  2. 51% of adults are currently at risk of a condition (Source: Calculated as follows: 70% [have or at risk – from Book of Business data March-August 2020] – 19% [have – from Mental Health America)] = 51% at risk)
  3. 30% of adults have no risk of mental conditions (Source: Internal Book of Business data March – August 2020 for users completing an assessment but NOT screening for a mental condition.)
  4. 70% of adults either have, or are at risk of, a mental condition (Source: Internal Book of Business data March – August 2020 for users completing an assessment and screening for 1 or more mental conditions.)
  5. 50% of mental illnesses are untreated (Source:
  6. It takes, on average, 11 years to treat mental health after the appearance after the appearance of the first symptoms (Source: The Path Forward)