The Future of Mental Health Care is Measurement-Based

Pressure is increasing to show verifiable, clear and data-informed results illustrating treatment success. Forward-thinking clinics are looking for ways to collect and use data to drive mental health improvements.

Adopting Measurement-Based Mental Health Care Practices is Easy with Total Brain

Regular Assessments

Patient-completed, digital mental health assessments let clinicians screen for common mental health conditions and measure patients’ needs and progress

Visual Insights

Our clinician dashboard makes it easy for clinicians and administrators to gather and use insights from patient assessments

Ongoing Treatment

Tailored self-care tools and exercises complement treatment plans to keep patients on-track between sessions

Total Brain provides robust patient analytics for ongoing clinical monitoring.

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Thorough Baseline

Clinicians start with a strong baseline assessment of patients’ twelve core brain capacities.

Personalized Treatment

Clinicians access better data to personalize treatment and show evidence-based outcomes.

Regular Monitoring

Monitor patient’s brain capacities and mental health risks over time.

Ongoing Support

Support patients with personalized, science-based, digital programs to improve health outcomes.

Provider Benefits

Here’s how providers are benefiting from Total Brain’s mental health monitoring and support platform.

Clinicians get:

  • Accelerated diagnosis and treatment
  • Data-rich diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Better health outcomes and monitoring throughout the care cycle
  • Continuity of care through 24-7 delivery of in-the-moment and capacity-building self-care tools

Administrators get:

  • Brain-based population analytics
  • Measurement-based care with verifiable outcomes and patient-level analytics
  • Data to support value-based contracts and CPT documentation for screening tools to increase revenue
  • Improved customer satisfaction, fewer no-shows and more revenue opportunities through greater efficiency

Patients get:

  • Hope for recovery via individually tailored self-care tools and self-monitoring to show progress
  • An intuitive mobile app compatible with smartphone operating systems to support recovery between sessions
  • Tools to reduce “in the moment” stress
  • Tools to support long-term brain capacity building and behavior change

The Total Brain Platform

Total Brain is a digital neurotech platform, driving the advancement of measurement-based mental health care by delivering clear and data-informed treatment results, and personalized self-care tools.

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