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My Login/Password won't work. What do I do?

Your login is your registered email address for Total Brain. You may reset your password by selecting the Forgot Password link from the About You screen.

On which devices can I access Total Brain?

Total brain can be accessed on your desktop or through iOS and Android devices by downloading the app.

I've been given a Sponsorship Code, but it doesn't work.

Please copy and paste the unique sponsorship code you received into the sponsorship code field. If that still does not work, please contact Support.

How long does it take to complete the Total Brain Assessment?

Once you have logged in, the Total Brain Assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Can I restart or attempt a previous assessment again?

Yes, you may resume an assessment if you were unable to complete. It will resume where you left off.

What if I need to pause during the assessment?

The assessment will pause between each sub-test, where the program will wait for you to touch ‘START’. This pause can be used in the event of necessary interruptions.

I completed the assessment, but the program won't upload the data. What do I do?

Firstly, please check that you have indeed completed the last task – it will not upload an incomplete data set. Then check that you are connected to the internet (Open up an internet browser and attempt to browse to a website e.g.

Total Brain Report is missing scores. Why?

The most common cause for this is if the Total Brain Assessment wasn’t completed according to task instructions, with the result that certain data necessary for calculating scores may be missing.

How much does it cost? How do I pay?

Whether you register as a patient or sign up for an account through your organization, Total Brain comes at no cost to you.

Organizations receive aggregate and anonymized brain performance and condition prevalence tracking by department, business unit, function, geography, service provider, etc. For more information about using Total Brain to support your employees or clinic patients, contact us.

How do I register? How do I get started?

Currently, the only full-app access available is through participating clinicians and Total Brain corporate wellness and benefits packages. This individual trial access is valid for only 7 days.


If your organization has partnered with Total Brain or you have been provided information through a clinician, follow the instructions provided to you.

Why am I unable to use Family Sharing?

Unfortunately, our app does not currently support Family Sharing. We will consider its use in future iterations of our product. (or something like that)? See attached screenshot. Unfortunately it looks like we do support it in the app store and Drew confirmed we don’t have a way to change that verbiage currently.

Membership Management

How can I reactivate my account?

You may request reactivation directly through your Employer’s HR Dept. or from your referring clinician/provider.

I've been given a Sponsorship Code, but I had already have an individual account

At this time, we can’t upgrade trial accounts for existing emails. To delete your trial account and create a new one, please contact Support for further assistance in addressing this issue.

Can't find what you're looking for?

We’d be happy to further assist you. Please contact Support.

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