Total Brain Inside

The Total Brain platform is a neuroscience-based mental health and brain performance solution that starts with a powerful monitoring and support app for individuals that drives robust team analytics for companies and ongoing monitoring for providers.  Our TB Inside implementation enables third parties to embed Total Brain platform functionality within their applications to offer their constituents robust mental health and brain performance tools.

White Labeled Tools

TB Inside customers can leverage our API to pull in modules from the Total Brain platform to enhance the experience of their applications.  Our white labeled approach enables customers to deliver a seamless user experience under their branding, but with the full functionality of our platform.

A Modular Approach

Not every use case requires every module from the Total Brain platform.  TB Inside customers can choose to integrate only the specific modules needed to complement their application in an a la carte fashion, or they can integrate pre-bundled modules to address specific use cases such as stress management, clinical screening and intake, or sleep.

Customer Use Cases

Total Brain works with a variety of customers, implementing TB Inside to address many different use cases.  Following are a few examples of customers leveraging TB Inside to enhance their applications.

IBM Health and Wellness 360 Platform

Total Brain has partnered with IBM to power the mind gym area of IBM’s Health and Wellness 360 platform.  The first instantiation of this platform is GRIT, a mobile app developed to support veterans who are facing the unique challenges of transitioning into civilian life.  GRIT, or Get Results in Transition, offers veterans and their families the tools to monitor and support their mental health while also addressing the social determinants that often drive mental health.  The implementation includes a complete integration of Total Brain’s user experience, seamlessly white labeled under the GRIT brand


Total Brain has partnered with AARP to power the Staying Sharp area of AARP’s website.  The cognition related modules of Total Brain’s platform have been seamlessly integrated into AARP’s site, enabling AARP’s users to measure their cognitive function and avail themselves of support tools to improve it.  The implementation includes a comprehensive analytics integration providing AARP users with robust data insights into their brain’s strengths and weaknesses, while enabling them to monitor improvements over time.

Powered by the World’s Largest Standardized Neuroscientific Database

Total Brain is powered by more than one million data sets including Cognition assessments on every user, 54K measures of Electrical Brain Function (EEGs), 542 measures of brain structure and blood flow (MRIs), 2K full genetic assessments (GWAS).

How Can Total Brain Help You?

Total Brain offers impactful benefits for companies, providers, affinity groups, and precision medicine.


Improve productivity and reduce mental health care costs.


Objectively monitor and accelerate your patients' full recovery.


Offer constituents a cutting-edge mental health and brain performance platform.

Precision Medicine

Accelerate pharmaceutical drug discovery and clinical trials.