The Total Brain Platform

The Total Brain platform is a neuroscience-based mental health and brain performance solution that starts with a powerful self-monitoring and self-care app for individuals that drives robust team analytics for companies and ongoing monitoring for providers.

It Starts with the Total Brain App

The Total Brain app allows individuals to self-monitor brain capacities, screen for mental health risks and improve overall mental health and brain performance with self-care exercises that are scientifically proven to improve overall brain capacity and mental health.

Self-Monitor Brain Capacities

  • Measure and track each of the 12 core brain capacities
  • Examine brain capacity strengths and weaknesses

Self-Monitor Stress Levels

  • Measure heart rate variability (HRV), the best measure of stress, with mobile camera technology
  • Compare stress levels vs. norm and personal baseline and get recommended actions

Screen for Risk of Common Mental Conditions

  • Confidentially validate at-risk symptoms and learn about mental health conditions
  • Receive confidential health referrals when appropriate

Personalized Self-Care Recommendations for Improved Mental Health

  • Get personalized content and self-care exercises daily
  • Improve positivity, balance emotions, and find calm focus with breathing exercises and other activities proven to boost mental health long-term

In-the-Moment Stress Relief

  • Use our resonant breathing tools to reduce stress, anxiety and cravings in just 3 minutes

Workforce Analytics

Total Brain provides powerful reports with actionable insights on a company’s mental health strengths, weaknesses, and risks.

View Sample Reports

Clinical Insights

Total Brain provides deep and valuable patient insights to inform treatment plans, monitor health risks, and improve health outcomes.

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Powered by the World’s Largest Standardized Neuroscientific Database

Total Brain is powered by more than one million data sets including Cognition assessments on every user, 54K measures of Electrical Brain Function (EEGs), 542 measures of brain structure and blood flow (MRIs), 2K full genetic assessments (GWAS).

How Can Total Brain Help You?

Total Brain offers impactful benefits for companies, providers, affinity groups, and precision medicine.


Improve productivity and reduce mental health care costs.


Objectively monitor and accelerate your patients' full recovery.


Offer constituents a cutting-edge mental health and brain performance platform.

Precision Medicine

Accelerate pharmaceutical drug discovery and clinical trials.