Leading Mental Health Provider SonderMind Acquires Integrated Neuroscience Company Total Brain to Revolutionize Mental Wellbeing

SonderMind’s addition of Total Brain enables a comprehensive offering to a broader population that uses science backed, data-driven approaches to personalize and improve mental health

Denver, CO – SonderMind announced the acquisition of neuroscience company Total Brain today to revolutionize the way people engage with their mental wellbeing. This paradigm shift in the mental health industry will allow individuals to better understand their mental wellness outside of therapy and integrate digital tools into their therapeutic care. Total Brain’s application and research will allow SonderMind to expand the ecosystem of where people engage with mental health–on their own, at work, or with a therapist–at every stage of their personal journey, with the goal of helping them get better, faster.


With the acquisition of Total Brain, SonderMind will be able to reach individuals seeking to strengthen their mental wellness as a part of their personal self-care, help therapists improve outcomes through the use of measurement-based care techniques with expanded client information, serve enterprise customers with population mental health tools and reporting, and deliver comprehensive mental and behavioral health solutions to health plan and health system partners. The initial app is available for download now on iOS, and will be coming soon to Android.


“Today, your coffee shop app has more information about you to deliver personalized service than the first time you see your therapist,” said Mark Frank, Co-founder and CEO of SonderMind. “Building on the foundation of the high-quality therapy SonderMind clinicians are delivering today, Total Brain will help us change this status quo. We can help individuals get better, faster by leveraging their science-informed application to allow people to better understand their mental and emotional state, as well as engage with SonderMind to address those needs through both digital and therapeutic methods.”


Currently, SonderMind clinicians are delivering accessible, personalized, high-quality mental health care in 15 states and Washington, D.C. and have delivered more than 1.5 million sessions to date. Beyond leveraging technology to better identify the right therapist to help each individual client, as well as accepting all major insurance carriers and offering in-person or virtual care, SonderMind is unique in its relentless focus on clinical quality. From partnering with University of Denver to research behavioral health questions using millions of anonymized data points to setting expectations and delivering professional development opportunities to its providers, SonderMind is seeking ways to objectively improve care from diagnosis to outcome.


It is this focus on high-quality mental health care delivery and outcomes that led SonderMind to acquire Total Brain. Total Brain has a long history of prioritizing brain research and sharing findings to inform care. Leading neuroscientist Dr. Evian Gordon, MD, Ph.D. founded Total Brain and has spent over 40 years investing in research and development to measure the 12 brain capacities that define mental health. Currently, Total Brain’s software-as-a-service-based, mental wellness platform combines monitoring capabilities from assessments, screenings, biometrics and genetics with personalized self-care support tools. They serve population health, provider, and precision medicine needs, offering actionable data, precision medicine diagnostics, and health and productivity outcomes, while providing individuals with improved self-awareness and support tools.


“Combining our decades of research and platform at Total Brain with the high-quality therapy at SonderMind will be a major step forward in our shared vision of a healthier world through improved mental wellness,” said Dr. Evian Gordon, MD, Ph.D., founder of Total Brain. “I’m excited to see how we can advance the behavioral and mental health field by joining SonderMind.”


Total Brain was previously listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. WIth this transaction, SonderMind took the company private.


About SonderMind

SonderMind provides accessible, personalized mental health care that produces high-quality outcomes for individuals. SonderMind’s individualized approach to care starts with using innovative technology to help people not just find a therapist, but find the right, in-network therapist for them. From there, SonderMind’s clinicians are committed to delivering best-in-class care to all people by focusing on high-quality clinical outcomes. To enable our clinicians to thrive, SonderMind defines care expectations while providing tools such as clinical note-taking, secure telehealth capabilities, outcome measurement, messaging, and direct booking. Learn more at sondermind.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


About Total Brain

Total Brain is an applied, integrative neuroscience company that has developed a mental health monitoring and support platform powered by the world’s largest standardized brain database. Its SaaS platform has helped more than one million registered users to-date scientifically measure and optimize their brain capacities while managing the risk of common mental conditions. Benefits for providers include improved patient outcomes, tracking of evidence-based outcomes across the continuum of care, and a reduction in clinician fatigue. Benefits for populations and payors include better mental healthcare access, lower costs, and higher productivity.


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