The Total Brain Platform

The Total Brain platform is a neuroscience-based mental health and brain performance solution that pairs a powerful self-monitoring and self-care app for patients with robust analytics for ongoing monitoring by their clinicians.

Identify Patients’ Risk and Recovery Trends

Total Brain screens for patients’ risk of seven common mental health conditions, including ADHD, addiction, general anxiety disorder and depression. The HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant Clinicians Dashboard shows clinicians:

  • New risks clearly highlighted, as well as risks that have lowered since patients’ previous assessment.
  • Scores via PHQ-9, GAD-7, CAGE-AID, and PC-PTSD questionnaires completed over time.
  • Notifications of how well patients are staying up to date with their regular assessments.

Effect Behavior Change with Individualized Treatment

Total Brain gives clinicians the tools to individualize care and encourage engagement, showing patients their experiences matter. Total Brain also provides clinicians:

  • Ability to target patients’ unique impairments within the four functional areas of the brain.
  • Improved patient engagement via treatment plans that further reflect patient experiences, and evidence-based self-care to complements in-person treatment.

Greater Insight into Patients’ Progress

Without requiring completion with a clinician, the Total Brain platform assesses patients’ full mental state across the four major functional areas of the brain and 12 capacities. This provides clinicians:

  • A more complete picture of patient performance beyond outcomes that simply measure symptom reduction.
  • Results from brief self-assessments taken monthly showing changes in capacities as treatment progresses.

Kickstart or Complement Measurement-Based Care Practices

Total Brain allows for regular reviews of patient data with scientific analysis and evidence-based recommendations – and evidence-based outcomes for value-based contracts/payers. Clinicians also get:

  • Easily downloadable data and supporting documents for clinics to seek reimbursement or report on excellent outcomes.
  • New revenue opportunities for clinics via assessments, reimbursable by insurers through the CPT code for brief behavioral/emotional assessments.

Actionable, Reliable Data to Inform Clinic Management

Total Brain helps managers assess their clinics’ progress toward goals including clinical quality for value-based contracts and activity documentation for potentially billable practices. Managers also get:

  • Baseline comprehensive assessments of 12 capacities in four domains for every patient.
  • Ability to trend treatment outcomes by clinician.
  • Complete screenings with each assessment, saving valuable clinic time and simplifying trend documentation.
  • Materials supporting insurance submissions for brief emotional screenings reimbursements.

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