The Total Brain Platform

The Total Brain platform is a neuroscience-based mental health and brain performance solution that starts with a powerful self-monitoring and self-care app for individuals that drives robust team analytics for companies and ongoing monitoring for providers.

Identify Corporate Risk for Mental Conditions

Self-monitoring accelerates screening so employees can get needed care. When employees take monthly assessments, you can see:

  • Total number of employees screened for mental conditions
  • Percentage of employees screening at risk of a mental condition
  • Corporate risk baseline compared against national average

Pinpoint Problems Across Your Organization

With aggregate and anonymized mental health and condition prevalence tracking by department, business unit, function, geography, service provider, and more, you can:

  • Determine which corporate locations have the most employees at risk of mental conditions
  • Identify business units experiencing elevated levels of stress, which often translates to reduced productivity
  • Analyze department-level data to uncover triggers for team distress and implement solutions to create more team cohesion
  • Track employee productivity by function and identify areas that require attention to ensure teams are working at full capacity

Measure Corporate Mental Health Improvements

See the impact of Total Brain self-care exercises on employees’ mental health and brain capacity, including changes in:

  • Overall mental health
  • Emotional Awareness, which impacts interpersonal relationships
  • Feeling, which impacts employees’ ability to control stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Cognition, which impacts employees’ memory, focus and ability to make decisions
  • Self-Control, which impacts employees’ resilience, drives collaboration, and influences the level of negativity in the workforce

Calculate ROI of Improved Employee Mental Health

Gauge the impact of self-care on employee stress reduction and productivity gains.  Calculate:

  • Productivity gain quarter over quarter
  • Reduction in high stress employees
  • Estimated annual ROI (cumulative)

Determine Financial Impact of Improved Employee Mental Health

Dig into the data to determine the financial impact of self-care and improved mental health. Reporting identifies:

  • Estimated dollar value of improved mental health across the organization
  • Average productivity gain for employees who participated in self-care
  • Productivity gains – calculated in hours – based on increased mental presence of employees who have participated in high-impact self-care exercises
  • Estimated dollars saved as a result of reducing absenteeism

Benchmark Employee Mental Health Against National Average

  • Our monthly Mental Health Index provides organizations with benchmark data to evaluate the mental health of their employee population
  • Customer results tell us that when employees use the Total Brain platform to practice self-care, the outcome is an employee base with mental health scores well above the national average

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