Total Brain Announces Personalized Test for Treatment Predicting Remission of Depression Symptoms when Using Main Psychotropic Drugs

SAN FRANCISCOMay 22, 2019 – Total Brain sponsor of the iSPOT-D study (International Study to Predict Optimized Treatment in Depression), has successfully developed an objective Personalized Medicine Test to determine who is more and less likely to respond to three of the most common antidepressant medications. The test is based on a clinical and genetic analysis of over 1,000 patients’ antidepressant drug response rates.


While the final scientific validity of the test is subject to the results of a full replication of the study, these results help support the value potential of the iSpot assets. Total Brain continues to work with a New York-based investment bank in evaluating its strategic alternatives for iSpot, including finding a commercialization partner who would work to successfully replicate the initial findings of the test before subsequently monetizing it.


Major Depressive Disorder is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in the US, with over 15 million people impacted and costing $100 billion annually, of which less than half achieve symptom remission with the first medication tried. Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), Psychiatrists and other clinicians face daily challenges of objective decision making for treatment options in Depression.


“The development of this test represents a major step forward in the treatment of depression and underscores the enormous value of the world’s largest neuroscientific database that powers the Total Brain platform,” said Louis Gagnon, CEO of Total Brain.


A full whitepaper detailing the methodology and results of the study can be found here:


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