Total Brain Collaborates with Composer John Vitale to Create NeuroTunes

New Neuro-scientifically Composed Music and Soundscapes Module Reduces Anxiety and Stress


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10, 2020 — Total Brain, a leading mental health and brain performance platform, today announced that the company has joined forces with acclaimed composer and producer John Vitale to create NeuroTunes, a neuroscience-inspired music and soundscapes module to reduce anxiety and stress in-the-moment. NeuroTunes is based on the latest neuroscience on anxiety and stress reduction. This new Total Brain module is now available to users automatically when updating the app.

“The intersection of music, neuroscience, and emotion has been a huge passion of mine, which makes this collaboration especially exciting,” explained Composer John Vitale. “While music is usually thought of in the context of entertainment; its value goes far beyond amusement. Music not only allows us to express our emotions, it has the power to change our emotions. By leveraging key brain mechanisms triggered by binaural beats, isochronic tones, and the absence of voice, we can create a seemingly magical source of calm for the listener. You just listen, enjoy, and become calmer.”

“Research tells us that music can be medicine for the mind,” noted Louis Gagnon, CEO, Total Brain. “NeuroTunes incorporates decades of Total Brain’s expertise in neuroscience and digital technology with the tremendous talent of John Vitale to create an exciting product enhancement that can help people in the moment. NeuroTunes is a testament to our commitment to developing more tools for easy and immediate relief from stress.”

NeuroTunes consists of a variety of 15 tracks. Each track is an original composition and is created with a precise tempo and tempo variations designed to lead listeners into a deep state of calm. Vitale uses 3D audio to create a fully immersive experience. NeuroTunes includes nature recordings, sound healing, singing bowls and ambient and spa compositions. Listeners have the option to layer binaural beats (beats transmitted separately to the two ears) and isochronic tones (tones turned on and off quickly) into their music. These sound waves and vibrations create shifts in brainwaves, generating slower frequency brainwaves that promote deeper states of relaxation.

Total Brain is the only digital product available that enables users to assess and monitor the 12 brain capacities that define their mental health and their risk of common mental health conditions. Total Brain also offers a self-care program for immediate relief or longer-term brain capacity building. Tools are scientifically validated and they cover positive psychology, brain training, breathing, meditation and music.

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About Total Brain: Total Brain is based in San Francisco and publicly listed in Sydney, AUS (ASX:TTB). Total Brain is a mental health and brain performance self-monitoring and self-care platform that has more than 950,000 registered users. Benefits for employers and payers include better mental healthcare access, lower costs and higher productivity.

About John Vitale: John has 30 years’ experience in music, sound design, and film production as supervisor, producer, engineer, composer, and remixer. He has worked with Warner Bros, Sony, BMG, and Universal Music, The B52ʼs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Filter, Eminem, KD Lang, George Clinton, and The Romantics. He has musically directed major corporate product launches, live press events, and broadcast campaigns for GM, Toyota, Xbox, Fisker, Mercedes, and Lexus and Abundance 360. He is a Co-founder of where he designs and produces music streams to help people focus, used by top companies and 1000’s of people each day.

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