Total Brain Partners With One Mind At Work To Help Employers Address The Mental Health Crisis At Scale

Joint offer puts forth a critical tool for employers supporting employees during the COVID-19 pandemic


SAN FRANCISCOApril 15, 2020 — Total Brain, a mental health and wellness monitoring and support platform, today announced that the company will partner with One Mind at Work, a coalition of leading employers aimed at creating mentally healthy workplaces.


As part of this agreement, One Mind at Work members will be offered a free corporate assessment of their organization’s Total Brain (Emotion, Feeling, Cognition and Self-Control) and a three-month unlimited license for all employees who take the anonymous assessment to access self-care tools. At the end, Total Brain will produce an Employer Brain Report, to be released in partnership with One Mind at Work, describing corporate brain capacities and corporate risk associated with the most common mental conditions. One Mind and Total Brain believe that such aggregate, anonymous and objective information is key to baselining, and programming the right response to, the mental health crisis.


In exchange for that in-kind contribution, Total Brain will reach more than 6 million employees of some of the world’s largest global corporations who committed to developing and implementing One Mind’s gold standard for workplace mental health and wellness.


As this joint offer gets adopted by American employers, One Mind and Total Brain intend to use the data to create a U.S. Mental Health Index which will allow the public and corporations to measure progress and performance against a valid national benchmark.

“Most of the world’s population spends over 50 percent of their waking hours at work,” noted Garen Staglin, Chairman, One Mind. “The workplace and its leaders have a tremendous opportunity to improve quality of life for all people and play a critical role in driving mental health solutions. We’re pleased to partner with Total Brain to provide companies with new tools and data to help accelerate and benchmark their efforts to improve mental health for their employees.”


“One Mind is well recognized as one of the nation’s leading advocates for mental health and wellness in the workplace,” said Louis Gagnon, CEO, Total Brain. “We are excited to join forces with them by sharing the Total Brain monitoring and support tools with global companies committed to fighting the crisis with concrete actions that scale. Further, our ability to collaborate on a U.S. Mental Health Index will help drive further advocacy and action on behalf of those who suffer from mental illness.”

About Total Brain:
Total Brain is based in San Francisco and publicly listed in Sydney, AUS (ASX:TTB). Total Brain is a mental health and wellness monitoring and support platform that has over 750,000 registered users. Benefits for employers and payers across the United States include productivity improvement and healthcare cost reduction. Follow Total Brain on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.


About One Mind:
One Mind is a leading mental health non-profit that catalyzes comprehensive action across the scale of the brain health crisis, working from science to patients to society. Moving towards our VISION of HEALTHY BRAINS FOR ALL, One Mind is accelerating treatments and cures for mental disorders and providing hope to patients and their families.


Launched in 2017, One Mind at Work is a global coalition of leaders from diverse sectors who have joined together with the goal of transforming approaches to mental health and addiction. One Mind at Work now includes more than 25 global employers and 18 research and content partners. The coalition covers more than 3.5 million people under its charter.


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