VeriSIM Life and Total Brain Announce Strategic Collaboration Agreement Applying AI to Develop New Drugs for Neurological Disorders

San Francisco, CA, May 26, 2022 – VeriSIM Life (VeriSIM), the leading artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled, unique R&D decisions de-risker for breakthrough drug development, today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Total Brain, an applied, integrative neuroscience company, to create breakthrough neurodata-driven actionable insights for developing novel drugs to treat a wide range of neurological disorders.


The partnership will pioneer the integration of Total Brain’s proprietary mental health and brain performance database with VeriSIM Life’s BIOiSIM™ AI-enabled drug development decision engine to enable new psychiatric and neurological therapies.


The Total Brain platform helps more than one million individuals improve overall mental health and brain performance using several semi-quantitative functional methods. The company’s data sets represent the world’s largest standardized brain database encompassing human electrical brain function, brain structure and blood flow, inclusive of full genetic assessments.


“We are excited to partner with Total Brain to combine the power of their high-dimensional data with our drug prediction engine to open new doors for drug discovery specifically addressing neurological conditions – something that has never been explored this way before,” said Dr. Jo Varshney, CEO of VeriSIM Life. “Using this first-ever combined computational/data capability, pharmaceutical partners will be able to more efficiently and effectively develop new drugs to treat illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, epilepsy, anorexia, ADHD and PTSD.”


With this partnership, the BIOiSIM platform will utilize its Translational Index™ to discover novel drug candidates with other capabilities such as:


  • Evaluate efficacy and side effects of existing drugs and novel drug candidates used to treat various neurological conditions in specific patient subpopulations with differing genetic, biomarker and demographic profiles
  • Develop highly differentiated patient stratification strategies
  • Help biotechnology companies develop genetics prediction products related to neurological diseases
  • Develop companion diagnostics tracking essential biomarker data during the development of new drugs treating neurological diseases

“VeriSIM Life’s exceptional AI platform and their understanding of complex biological interactions between drugs and living systems, including the central nervous system, makes them an ideal partner for exploring this exciting new approach to drug discovery,” said Matthew Mund, CEO of Total Brain.


“The collaboration between Total Brain and VeriSIM has the potential to accelerate the pace of drug development, reduce costs and minimize failed drug discovery for neurological diseases,” said Evian Gordon, Chief Medical Officer, Total Brain.” We are on the precipice of a new era in drug development. We are excited by the growing role that Total Brain’s proprietary data is playing in the future of biopharma.”


Pharma partners interested in previewing the new Total Brain data integration during the initial validation phase may contact VeriSIM Life at For more information about VeriSIM Life, follow them on Twitter @VeriSIMlife, visit or email


About Total Brain (ASX: TTB):

Total Brain Limited is a San Francisco and Sydney-based applied, integrative neuroscience company that has developed and offers Total Brain, a SaaS-based mental health platform powered by the world’s largest standardized brain database. Its SaaS platform has helped more than one million registered users to-date scientifically measure and optimize their brain capacities while managing the risk of common mental conditions. Benefits for providers include improved patient outcomes, tracking of evidence-based outcomes across the continuum of care, and a reduction in clinician fatigue. Benefits for employers and payers include better mental healthcare access, lower costs, and higher productivity. For more information, please visit and follow on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.


About VeriSIM Life

VeriSIM Life has developed a sophisticated computational platform that leverages advanced AI and ML techniques to improve drug discovery and development by significantly reducing the time and money it takes to bring a drug to market. BIOiSIM™ is a first-in-class ‘virtual drug development engine’ that offers unprecedented value for the drug development industry by narrowing down the number of drug compounds that offer anticipated value for the treatment or cure of specific illnesses or diseases. The program reduces the time and cost of drug discovery and development and dramatically reduces the need for animal testing that, in the vast majority of cases, does not translate to humans. For more information, visit


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