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Our mental health assessments are used as a quick method to identify brain strengths and areas of improvement. They are also used as part of the assessment process to help identify potential behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and other mental health conditions.

Depressive Mood Control Test

This test can help you understand your depressive control capacity, and the extent to which you experience negative or hopefuless feelings.

Emotional Awareness Test

This test will help you gauge your ability to identify emotional cues within yourself and others.

Non-Conscious Negativity Bias Test

This test will help you measure your capacity to properly read and react to primary emotions, particularly negative ones, such as fear, anger, and sadness.

Stress Control Test

This test can help you measure your stress response, including difficulty relaxing, irritability, impatience, and physical responses.

Anxiety Control Test

This test will tell you how well you are able to control your anxious feelings and if you’re experiencing the “flight-flight” mode.

Conscious Negativity Bias

The Conscious Negativity bias test provides insight into your ability to enhance positive thoughts, even in negative times.

Memory Test

This online test of working memory can estimate your abilty to recall infomation to make decisions.

Focus Test

Our Focus Test assesses how well you can concentrate on a task without distraction, which can have implication for your mental health and general well-being.

Planning Test

The planning ability test measures how well you can use information to achieve a goal.

Social Connectivity Test

Our social connectivity test measures your ability to interpret social cues, process emotions, and reflect on the mental states of others.

Resilience Test

The resilience test is a highly effective way to measure resilience levels in life, and help you to identify the factors that may be holding you back.

Putting Your Mental Health Front and Center

Many people experience mental health problems, but some of those issues can be undiagnosed or difficult to treat. This is one reason why it can be so important to address mental health problems when they arise.

When it comes to mental health problems, getting help earlier rather than later is important. There are a number of different types of mental health problems. Some, like depression and anxiety, are recognizable signs of a serious problem that need to be treated quickly. Others are harder to recognize and require specialized psychological help.

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