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The Planning assessment gauges your capacity to use information to plan and organize behavior to meet a goal. It measures functions where on-the-fly decision making is critical, what is commonly called decisiveness.

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How Does This Help Me?

Total Brain, a SonderMind company, offers clinically-validated, mental health assessments like this so you can stay on top of your mental well-being.


What does a high score mean?

People who score highly on Planning are good at bringing together several different cognitive skills to complete difficult tasks (e.g. focusing, remembering, and controlling behavior while learning and adapting over time). They are particularly good at completing complex tasks that involve high levels of organizing and bringing together many different pieces of information at once.


What does a low score mean?

People with low scores for planning may have difficulty learning and adapting from mistakes, and controlling the way they normally do things to complete a task. They may also find tasks requiring high levels of organization to be challenging, particularly if many different types of information need to be considered at the same time.

Talk to a Therapist Who Specializes in Planning


Planning is a skill that everyone can benefit from, and has lasting positive effects on our mental health. With SonderMind, find personalized care that’s best for you, virtually or in-person. Have an appointment within one week with an expert in building plans and structure, use your insurance, and get support that’s proven to work.


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What You Need to Know About Planning


The capacity to plan is arguably one of the most powerful skills to hone in our everyday life. Also referred to as the brain’s “executive function,” it requires both memory and focus in order to strategize an outcome and to be able to properly complete tasks on time.

Stress can negatively affect the ability to plan. When we experience stressful situations, the ability to concentrate declines. Memory and focus are also affected, which results in a decreased ability to get quality work done — or to tend to daily responsibilities and errands.

Planning Ability Is on the Downswing

The Total Brain Mental Health Index has shown that people’s ability to plan and make decisions is being affected. The average time it took to make a decision to complete the assessment task increased from 3.4 to 4 seconds over a 6-month period in 2020. Total Brain’s self-care tools and brain exercises are designed to help users streamline their Planning capacity and reach their goals with more efficiency.

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